Agency work is a team sport

We're looking for motivated people to join our growing team.

Hi! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Xavier Armand and I am the co-founder of The Vaan Group: a fully remote UX design and engineering agency with headquarters in NYC. We’re looking to hire talented people to work on e-commerce projects.

What you should know about Vaan

  • We build commerce engines.
  • We're not a 360 agency.
  • We're not a marketing agency.
  • We're a design and engineering studio. That’s our difference.
  • We're a remote only, asynchronous first company.

Our e-commerce stores are designed and built to give our clients a technical edge over their competition. To do this, we synthesize business requirements, UX requirements, marketing requirements, technology requirements and creative requirements into a single digital shopping experience built for our clients and their consumers – a commerce engine. Our technology becomes the foundation upon which businesses scale their operations, escalate their marketing efforts, and grow their sales. The value of our work is defined by how big of a moat our clients’ technology creates between them, their competition, and Amazon.

Our values:

- People do judge a book by it's cover. For that reason we can never compromise on how we present our work to our clients, communicate internally, and the final products we produce on behalf of our clients.

Extreme Ownership. Agency work is a team sport and we only achieve what we can based on how much we can rely on each member of the team. Own your role.

- Michelin star level service. Our food will always be incredible and if we're off, we can always provide the best service. Things will go wrong. Unforeseen challenges will occur. How you deal with them and how we speak to our clients matters.